Underlined and bold things are really really really appriciated.

I always love creativity and your vision on my characters. Art represents a part of you and I always appreciate this a lot. If you would like to draw one of my characters, I would be very honored! Artistic liberty is not frowned upon 😉 However keep the art safe for work.

Name Species Ref Notes
Florester Worgen 1413915203.pegla_abigail Warcraft character
Hobsblossom Panda Warcraft character. Jills' brother.
Jillsblossom Panda Screenshot 2016-01-15 07.55.07 Warcraft character. Hobs' sister.
Daniel Otter 1420132681.pegla_danielplotter  Brown otter. Can be naughty.
Melissa Pangolin 1386370158.pegla_dp13melissa  Her armor is meshed into her scales.
Pegla  Skunk 1312041761.pegla_dp11repglaref_by_oni My orginal self. Toony look and field. Can be involved with cheeky things.
Thado Angel Dragon CYeJdR6WsAAfl1N  Has glasses with pupils drawn into it. His own eyes are blank.
Thabo Meerkat 1312834354.pegla_guest11thaboreferencesheet Young meerkat. My fursuit character.

Crafts:Tools for creating stuff.
– Copic markers, size 0,01 0,1 0,2 and 0,5
– Pack of 200+ gram paper. I love that stuff.

General stuff

  • Office chair (my old one is starting to…desintegrate)
  • Lightning cable (USB -> Lightning, iPhone6 compatible)

Computer stuff

Gift Cards

  • Apple (NL)
  • Battle.net
  • Bol.com
  • Steam

Anything else?
If it is not on this list, no problem, this is list merely a bunch of suggestions 🙂