Parade: Sinterklaas Parade Amersfoort Vathorst (24th of November)

Welcome to the annual Sinterklaas Vathorst parade. Once again we get to walk along with Sinterklaas. Estimated attendees: 4000 to 6000, based on last year, and depending on the weather.

An impression of last year.

Saturday 24th of November in Amersfoort Vathorst

Our base of operations is ‘Foortse Brug’ in Amersfoort. Please keep in mind this building is new, and many navigation applications, including Google Maps, do not have this location just yet!

By Train
Get off the train at Station Amersfoort Vathorst. De ‘Foortse Burg’ is 650 meter from the Station. The map included shows where to go.

By car
Just accross the ‘Foortse Burg’, there is a newly built GymXL
Best way to go there is drive towards station Amersfoort Vathorst, from there, take the parallel road next to the track.


No.Time Event
114:00 You are welcome at 'de Foortse Burg' to get everything ready and suit up. (feel free to arrive later but be ready in suit at 16:45)
216:50 Group photo
317:00 Departure with a group of Zwarte Pieten towards 'de Haven'
417:15 Arrival at 'de Haven'. Start Warming Up-show
518:00 Arrival Sinterklaas at 'de Haven'
619:00 Start Parade towards Theater ICOON
719:30 Arrival ICOON
819:45 Sint retreats towards his sleeping quarters
921:00 Cars will be ready to transport people back to 'Foortse Brug'.
1021:00 Changing back followed by a drink.
1100:00 Closing of 'de Foortse Burg' (We need to have left the building by this time)

Red: Our route
Blue: Boat route

Slight dribble

– Bring an umbrella (the spotters will bring them along, I will arrange a little cart).
– Bring outdoor feetpaws.

Food & Drinks
There will be sanwiches and drinks available on the house.
I will bring bottles of water along for the spotters. If you can bring some, including straws. It is appreciated.

As of writing, there is room for 20 fursuiters, and I aim to have about 5 handlers


No.Name Performer Status
1Celestina Suiter Confirmed
2Dacapo Suiter Confirmed
3Dantanian Suiter Confirmed
4Huntey Suiter Confirmed
5NLorier Suiter Confirmed
6Roy Gideon Suiter Confirmed
7Silver Suiter Confirmed


No.Name Role Status
1Annemarie Spotter Confirmed
2Tekno Media Confirmed
3Thabo Spotter Confirmed
4Yagamurth Media Confirmed

Application form
You can apply to this event through the following form: submisssion form.
As soon as you have been accepted, you will receive a notification by e-mail. For more information, feel free mail Thabo Meerkat