Parade: Sinterklaas Parade Amersfoort Vathorst (19 November)

Welcome to the annual Sinterklaas Vathorst parade. Once again we get to walk along with Sinterklaas. Estimated attendees: 4000 to 6000, based on last year, and depending on the weather.

An impression of last year.

Saturday 19th of November in Amersfoort Vathorst

We are starting from Theater ICOON in Amersfoort. There are plenty of parkingspots for cars in front of the theater (non paid).

By train it is recommended to go to Amersfoort Vathorst, which is a 350 meter walk away from the theatre. I can pick you up if needed. Just drop me a line.


No.Time Event
116:00 Arrival Thabo & Tekno at the Icon
217:00 Please be sure be on location at this time.
317:30 Sinterklaas departs in his boat towards the Markenhaven
418:00 We need to be ready and go towards the Markenhaven
518:30 Arrival Sinterklaas at the Markenhaven
619:00 Start Sinterklaas Parade from Markenhaven towards the Vathorst shopping center
719:45 Sinterklaas arrives att he Vathorst shopping center
820:15 Sinterklaas will depart for his sleep in the Icon
920:30 End event. We retreat towards our changing room at the Icon
1021:30 Closing noms at the local snackbar (kwalitaria)


The weather forecast is 75% chance on 2 mm of rain (, down from 80% last week.
While nothing serious, it will be wet. Keep this in mind:
– Bring an umbrella (the spotters will bring them along, I will arrange a little cart).
– Bring outdoor feetpaws.

– According to weeronline, there is a 70% chance on 0,6mm of rain (Source:, and according to the Apple Weatherservice it stays dry. Lets hope the latter is right!


Food & Drinks
There will be sanwiches and drinks available on the house in the Icon.
I will bring bottles of water along for the spotters. If you can bring some, including straws. It is appriciated.

As of writing, there is room for 20 fursuiters, and I aim to have about 5 handlers


No.Name Performer Status
1Arco German Coming
2Bluky Stefan Coming
3Cody Christoph Coming
4Dibs Maikel Coming
5Keeta German Coming
6Keenora German Coming
7Kovu German Coming
8Kwisa Squeekytoy Coming
9Lightnympha Amber Coming
10Marin Ricardo Coming
11Metal Henny Coming
12Mika Nathalie Coming
13Mystery Wolf Coming
14Sambers Janneke Coming
15Sprinkles Cindy Coming
16Thabo Danny Coming
17Weatoef Lars Coming
18Wolvinny Grace Coming


No.Name Role Status
1Euan Euan Coming
2Tekno Michael Coming
3Elise Elise Coming
4Jake R Coming
5Jaysen Jaysen Coming
6Sorin Ewout Coming
7Ramon Ramon Coming

Application form
You can apply to this event through the following form: submisssion form. (registration closed)
As soon as you have been accepted, you will receive a notification by e-mail. For more information, feel free mail Thabo Meerkat