Comic Fair: Getekend Lommel

When: Februari 12th (Sunday)

Where: Lommel

Website: Getekend Lommel

‘Getekend Lommel’ is a starting comic fair near the border of Belgium and the Netherlands.
We will have our own fursuit lounge, and there is a freezing unit available to recharge your coolvests.

While not required to suit through the entire day, it would be nice to have a few fursuits ‘on the floor’ throughout the event.

Time Event
10.00 Start comic Fair
17.00 End comic fair


Suit Actor Status
Thabo Danny Confirmed
Rin Susan Confirmed
Cupcake Amber Confirmed
Fang Ambers' zusje Confirmed
Nathal Nathal To be confirmed
Riandro Pia Confirmed


Name Role Status
Tekno Photographer confirmed
Demonkitty Spotter confirmed
Riandro's Beloved Spotter Confirmed