Comic Fair: Brabants Stripspektakel (Sept 3rd and 4th)


Last years’ edition was wonderful. This years’ edition will be even better! And we are invited to join in on the fun.

The event will be held Saturday September 3rd and Sunday September 4rd in Veldhoven in the deep south of the Netherlands.
Both days will be from 10:00 – 17:00

We will be bouncing around at the NH Conference Center Koningshof at Locht 117, 5504RM Veldhoven.

The location has a huge parking place. Free of charge.

Additional information
We are having our own dressing room backstage. During the day we will have some refreshments too.

Guest List
Note: It is not required to attend both days.
Note 2: The table adjusts automatically, this does not mean all slots are taken.


No.Name Species Performer Status
1Aurin Red Panda Rick confirmed
2Bostitch Zebra Seamus confirmed
3Mira Banaan Mira confirmed
4Loxy Konijn Loxy confirmed
5Nikoz Kat Nikoz pending
6Remix DAD Laura confirmed
7Sprite Ditto Mark confirmed
8Thabo Meerkat Danny confirmed
9Riandro Draak Riandro confirmed


No.Name Role
1Bas Photographer confirmed
2Conner Spotter confirmed
3Dktorzi Perv pending
4Tekno Photographer confirmed
5Jaysen spotter/aspirant suiter confirmed
6Chelsea photographer confirmed
7Nadine spotter confirmed


No.Name Species Performer Status
1Aurin Red Panda Rick confirmed
2Bing Wolf Peter confirmed
3Bostitch Zebra Seamus confirmed
4Carbine Coyote Bart confirmed
5Cody confirmed
6Keenora confirmed
7Mira Banaan Mira pending
8Mylo Fennec Ivar pending
9Raavy Geit De enige echte Nathalie confirmed
10Nikoz Kat Nikoz pending
11Thabo Meerkat Danny confirmed
12Lightnympha DrWho Amber confirmed


No.Name Role
1Dktorzi Perv confirmed
2Tekno photographer confirmed
3Jaysen spotter/aspirant suiter confirmed
4Chelsea photographer confirmed
5Mina Darsh spotter pending
6Haku spotter confirmed

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at thabomeerkat (at) dutchfurs (dot) com. My telegram is thabomeerkat, or you can whatsapp/call me on +31 6 55 746 104