Stripbeurs Leeuwarden (formerly Drachten) 2017

The biyearly comic fair in Leeuwarden. It is going to be fun 🙂

Date: Friday June 2nd (Pinksteren), and Saturday June 3rd.

Time Event
10:00 Start Stripbeurs
17:00 Closing time Stripbeurs

Cosplay/Costume Contest
This year on Saturday at 15:15 the Cosplay group BAGGER anime is hosting a Cosplay/Costume contest.
More information can be found here.




No.Name Performer Status Fri Sat
1Cupcake Amber Confirmed Yes Yes
2Forfaox Menno Confirmed No Yes
3Leeuw Sietse Confirmed - Yes
4Lumi Lumi Confirmed - Yes
5Maii Yvette Confirmed No Yes
6Okill Okill Confirmed No Yes
7Sithy Sithy Confirmed No Yes
8Sorin Ewout Confirmed No Yes
9Thabo Danny Confirmed Yes Yes


No.Name Role Status Fri Sat
1Spotter Niels Confirmed No Yes
2Photographer Tekno Catron Confirmed Yes Yes


Q: Will there be food and drinks?
A: Yes, there will be.

Q: Where can we dress up?
A: There will be a couple of rooms reserved for us. No regular visitors are allowed backstage.

Q: Ov?
A: The location is a 7 minute walk away from Leeuwarden Train station.

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