Parade: Sinterklaasintocht Hilversum (18 November)

Welcome to the annual Sinterklaas festivities in Hilversum. For many years we have been taking part of one of the most fun and enticing Sinterklaas Parades in the Netherlands.

Be prepared. If you have fursuitpaw-slippers, they are highly recommended.
During the parade we have access to a cabrio bus to rest.

Slight drizzle ahead..
Please be prepared! Bring a big umbrella (we have plenty of spotters to help you) and make sure your feetpaws are up to the task.
Update: 1,8mm rain expected, barely something, at 9:25am it is still dry.

We will gather in Grand Hotel Gooiland.


No.Time Event
111:30 Arrival at the Grand Hotel Gooiland
212:00 Gathering and transport to the parade for assembly *
314:00 Arrival Sint at the Kerkbrink
414:15 Start parade at the Kerkbrink
515:45 Warm-Up for the arrival of Sint at Grand Hotel Gooiland
616:00 End parade at Grand Hotel Gooiland
716:00 Meet & Greet
816:30 Return to Gathering point

* = Keep in mind it is a huge parade. Some assembly required 😉

We are starting at the Kerkbrink, and will end at the Gooiland.

Food & Drinks
Upon return to the gathering point, there will be drinks and food.
During the parade, we will have spotters with water bottles and straws.

As of writing, there is room for 20 fursuiters, and I aim to have about 5 handlers

During the parade the suiters will be divided into two groups,separated by a cabrio bus
(which we can use to rest during the parade)

No.Name Performer Status
1Akira Melissa Confirmed
2Crystal Elise Confirmed
3Thabo Danny Confirmed
4Euanwolf Tom Confirmed
5Lightnymfa Amber Confirmed
6Alias Casper Confirmed
7Kwibus Suus Confirmed
8Carlito Dennis Confirmed
9Mika Nathaly Confirmed
10Keenora Keenora Confirmed
11Kwisa Kiwsa Confirmed
12Leon Leon Confirmed
13Momo Momo Confirmed
14Puddi Mira Confirmed
15Codydawg Cody Confirmed
16Weatoef Weatoef Confirmed
17Ranfox Dirk Confirmed
18Quiran Q Confirmed


No.Name Role Status
1Fee Spotter Confirmed
2Tekno Photgrapher Confirmed
3Yarray Filmer Confirmed
4Annelot Spotter Confirmed
5Serge Barthel Spotter Confirmed
6Maarten Spotter Confirmed

Application form
You can apply to this event through the following form
As soon as you have been accepted, you will be added to this page. Monday the 13th of November, a final e-mail with info will be sent. For more information, feel free mail Thabo Meerkat