Parade: Sinterklaas Parade Hilversum (12 November)

Welcome to the annual Hilversum Sinterklaas parade. Once again we get to walk along with Sinterklaas.

Date: Saturday 12th of November Hilversum

Time Event
11:00 Gathering at Hockeyclub 't Spandersbosch (the closest train station is Hilversum Noord.Feel free to contact me below if you need a ride)
11:30 Dressing up
12:30 Departure busses to the route
13:00 Start pre-Program
14:00 Start parade 'Kerkbrink'
16:00 Arrival 'Gooiland' (from here we will slowly make our way to the busses to be returned to the Hockeyclub)


Parking is available at the hockeyclub
Lunch is included
I will bring water for spotters to bring along. But please have a bag along
Have a big umbrella along. Just in case. Currently chance on rain is 35% (0.5mm). (Details can be found here.)
Huzzah! As of Friday the predictions on rain are 20% (0mm) (Details can be found here.)


As of writing, there is room for 30 fursuiters, and I aim to have about 5 handlers


No.Name Performer Status
1Arco Patrick Coming
2Bing Peter Coming
3Ceta Bever Koen Coming
4Codydawg Christoph Coming
5Dibs Maikel Coming
6Euan Tom Coming
7Forfaox 4 Coming
8Feng Amber Coming
9Ivory Jack Coming
10Jacky Justin Coming
11Keenora K Coming
12Kwibus Susan Coming
13Kwisa K Coming
14Laika Liv Coming
15Loxy Laurens Coming
16Leeuw Sietse Coming
17Marty Maarten Coming
18Mika Nathalie Coming
19Pantoffel Stefan Coming
20Pinky Nicole Maybe
21Thabo Danny Coming
22Quiran Bastaan Coming
23Wolvinny Grace Coming


No.Name Role Status
1Alias Casper Smits Coming
2Amarok Dennis Bakelaar Coming
3Dacapo Johan Coming
4Momo Naomie Coming
5Tekno Michael Coming


Q: Will there be food and drinks?
A: Yes, there will be.

Q: Can you pick me up from Hilversum Noord?
A: Yes, but do contact me in advance. Be ready to arrive a bit earlier though because of planning.

Application form
You can apply to this event through the following form: submisssion form.
As soon as you have been accepted, you will receive a notification by e-mail. For more information, feel free mail Thabo Meerkat